Thanks to New Character Twintelle, It’s More About Ass Than ARMS

Earlier in the week, Nintendo held a Direct especially for their upcoming beat ’em up ARMS.

We were introduced to a new character. Her name’s Twintelle, and she’s got a lot of sass… and a lot of ass. And Twitter is going mad for her.

Twintelle’s an A-list movie star with luscious long pigtails that act as her ARMS in the game. Her blonde and pink twisty curls are cool, sure, but that’s not what’s garnering all the attention. It’s her booty.

Don’t believe me? Here’s just some of the Tweets from the last couple of days:

What can I say – people apparently love a good cartoon butt.

Twintelle, her bum, and the rest of the ARMS cast will be available on your Switch on 16th June. In case you missed the Nintendo Direct presentation – where they talked about the game in much more detail than just bottoms, believe it or not – you can watch the whole thing below.