The Upcoming ‘The Last Day of June’ Looks to be a Beautiful and Emotional Journey

The Last Day of June was announced yesterday, and apart from getting a glimpse at a gorgeous-looking trailer, we currently know very little about the game.

From 505 Games and being directed by Massimo Guarini (whose previous work includes the stunning PS Vita title Murasaki Baby and Shadows of the Damned), The Last Day of June is being sold as an “interactive tale about love and loss”. It features the music of Steven Wilson and the gorgeous animator of Jess Cope, who have previously worked together on the ‘Drive Home’ music video.

The Last Day of June‘s tagline, “What would you do to save the one you love?” immediately sets this up as something that’s going to pull on our heart strings. It follows protagonist Carl and his love June on what starts out as a perfect date to their favourite spot. It seems not everything goes to plan though, and Carl is left to follow a sequence of events in an attempt to save June’s life.

Check out the beautiful trailer below:

There’s no release date yet for The Last Day of June, but it’s expected to release some time later this year. It’s coming to PlayStation 4 and PC.