What is Phantom Dust?

You may have noticed a game called Phantom Dust being talked about a lot this week. You may be wondering what the hell it is.

I hadn’t heard of it until this week either, but Phantom Dust was an action game for one to four players that launched on the original Xbox back in 2004. A remastered version of the game was announced by Microsoft quite a while ago, but nothing had been heard about it since – until now, with Microsoft throwing it onto the Xbox One and Windows 10 stores for the price of… absolutely free?

You’re probably still wondering what the hell Phantom Dust is – why all the fuss if we’ve never heard of it before? It had a small following, so was never majorly successful, but it was very popular within certain circles – Xbox’s very own Phil Spencer was a massive fan of the game, apparently. Perhaps that’s the reason we’re now getting it for free?


Anyway, Microsoft has put together this handy video to answer the question: What is Phantom Dust?

And here’s the official trailer for the game:

All in all, Phantom Dust looks pretty cool, though whether it is actually any good or not – it’s free, so we’ll definitely be giving it a go. Download it now from the Xbox store for Xbox One or PC.