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Deadly Premonition Board Game

What’s That? Deadly Premonition: The Board Game?

You wake up, grab some coffee, check your emails. Standard procedure.

I was not expecting to open my inbox today and find a teaser trailer for a Deadly Premonition board game.

As someone who fell in love with the “B-Game” cult classic upon its release on the Xbox 360, I can’t help but admit I’m curious, if not excited to see what it ends up becoming.

With games such as Dark Souls having their own board game versions as well, it slowly seems to be becoming a trend in the gaming community. The teaser trailer does little more than announce its arrival, and a website holds a countdown clock which is assumed to be the point at which we’d receive more information hopefully.

In any case, Deadly Premonition found a loyal fanbase, becoming what many would describe as a cross-breed between Resident Evil set in Twin Peaks, and a B-Movie Horror flick.

Check out the teaser trailer below:


More information soon! For now, keep an eye on the official website.

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