Co-op Adventure ‘A Way Out’ is the Surprise Hit From EA Play 2017

One of the most surprising reveals at last night’s EA Play 2017 conference was the trailer for a brand new IP called A Way Out.

Published by EA Originals and developed by Hazelight, the team behind the beautiful BrothersA Way Out is a co-op adventure that puts you in the shoes of two prison inmates trying to escape.

Even just from the trailer, the similarities to Brothers are immediately obvious. Two characters who must work together to overcome challenges, helping each other to bypass obstacles and get where they need to go. It’s obviously got a much more ‘grown up’ theme to it, however, playing as two convicted criminals rather than two young boys. And this time, the two men – Leo and Vincent – don’t know each other before their journey begins. How this will affect their dynamic as they work together to escape will be very interesting to see.


Unlike BrothersA Way Out is designed solely for co-op play. Brothers allowed you to control both characters by yourself, but A Way Out has been built from the ground-up with co-op play in mind. Split-screen local co-op is preferred, but the game also gives you the option to play with a co-op buddy online. As much as we love co-op gaming, will cutting off solo play altogether prove to be a mistake? I hope not, as A Way Out certainly seems to have a lot of promise.

From breaking out of the prison walls to navigating the world outside, A Way Out follows Vincent and Leo on an action-packed adventure. The game’s website states there’ll be stealth sections, melee fights, shootouts and car chases among other things. The co-op gameplay opens up a lot of interesting opportunities – at times, one character is in a cutscene, while the other one can be controlled. Does this mean the free player’s input can affect the cutscene? At other times, you’ll have a number of ways to approach situations, and working together with your co-op partner will be of utmost importance. Despite working together, you’ll not always be side-by-side, often needing to be in different areas at the same time, working towards the same goal. If you don’t communicate well, then A Way Out may prove to be too much of a challenge.

Throughout the game, it sounds like we’ll also get to know more about the two characters through flashbacks of their life – presumably learning how they came to be in prison, their backgrounds, and why they need to escape.

A Way Out is set to release in ‘early 2018’, so we can expect to hear more about it in the coming months.