ARMS Gets an Update


If you’ve been enjoying yourself with Nintendo’s wonderful ARMS, then you might be happy to hear that’s it’s just received an update that makes it a little bit better.

ARMS update 1.1.0 adds a couple of new features while fixing a few bugs. You can find the details of what it does exactly below:

– LAN mode has been added (access LAN mode by pressing L+R while pressing the left stick on the main menu)
– Arena mode has been added (like ranked mode but for friends and local play. It also supports spectators)
– Kid Cobra & Byte & Bark fixes for the sliding boards
– Fix for the Ribbon Girl stage (some ARMS didn’t properly hit the boxes)
– Text fix for the story mode (ARMS was sometimes incorrectly displayed as ASMR)

Released on 16th June, ARMS is an original take on the fighting genre that comes highly recommended. Read our review to find out more about it.