Gear VR Title ‘Augmented Empire’ Gets Release Date, Impressive Voice Cast

After trying Coatsink’s Augmented Empire on Gear VR back in April at EGX Rezzed, I had to go out and buy a Gear VR for myself.

It completely won me over. I said goodbye to my year-old Sony Xperia and got myself a brand new S7 Edge simply so I could play Augmented Empire on Gear VR when it released sometime later this year.

Okay, so I’d wanted a new phone anyway, but seeing how good Gear VR worked and what a brilliant game Augmented Empire was shaping up to be, it made my decision much easier.


Augmented Empire is a role-playing game of sorts; playing with Gear VR gives you a top-down perspective of the world of New Savannah, a cyber-punk styled city. From your vantage point, you’re in control of six characters where simple ‘look and tap’ controls will guide them to explore their environment and attack enemies.

The demo I played at Rezzed was just one short level of the game, which promises to have several hours of gameplay across multiple environments. It’s incredibly easy to get to grips with, thanks to Gear VR’s simple controls – and since it supports the brand new Gear VR Controller, it’ll be even easier. It’s a gorgeous-looking game, with each area of New Savannah stylishly crafted with plenty of points of interest to explore.

Augmented Empire

Today, Coatsink has announced the talented cast that will provide the voice acting for the game, and it’s a rather impressive roster. The cast list includes Garrick Hagon (Horizon: Zero Dawn and Star Wars: Episode IV), Kate Mulgrew (Orange is the New Black), Doug Cockle (The Witcher) and Nick Frost (Sean of the Dead).

As Coatsink’s CEO Tom Beardsmore says himself, “we wanted to give Gear VR gamers an extraordinary experience. We’re thrilled with the calibre of talent involved in Augmented Empire“.

It sure is an impressive line-up for a Gear VR game, but considering Coatsink’s VR heritage, it’s not all that surprising. Their last major VR release, Esper 2, also included a rather impressive cast – Nick Frost included. It’s great to see the bar for Gear VR games being raised, and Coatsink is certainly championing the importance of a quality experience.

Augmented Empire is releasing on 13th July 2017 exclusively for Gear VR, priced £9.99. We’ll have more on the game closer to its release.