Earlier this week, we had an email land in our inbox about a little game called Neko Navy, from developer DeathMofuMofu. It contained the words “cat shooter”.

With that, and the developer’s pretty awesome name, I was intrigued, and had to take a look at just what exactly Neko Navy was. I was not disappointed.

It plays much like your typical side-scrolling shoot ’em up – except instead of a ship, you control a cat. An awesome, fat, cuddly cat. That shoots laser beams. Shitloads of laser beams.

Neko Navy is as crazy as it sounds. It’s completely mental from the moment you start it up to when you inevitably die not too long after. The visual style is awesome too; hand-drawn cartoons and enemies so cute you’ll almost feel bad for eviscerating them with your cat-lasers.

Oh, there are explosions too. Cats, lasers and explosions. And enemy sausages. Basically Neko Navy has everything you could possibly want in a video game. I’ve already said too much – so watch the video below and gawp at its awesomeness yourself.

Neko Navy is coming to Steam on 14th June. Be sure to stick it on your Steam wishlist.