Check Out this New E3 Trailer for the Official Call of Cthulhu Game

Call of Cthulhu
Call of Cthulhu

We may have only just got our grubby mitts on one game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Conarium, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t eagerly await another, does it? Cause that’s what we’re doing now after watching the latest trailer for the official Call of Cthulhu game.

Call of Cthulhu, currently in development by Cyanide Studio, is an RPG-investigation game that’s set to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. Boasting a healthy dose of psychological horror and stealth mechanics, it throws you onto the grim and more than slightly disturbing Deepwater Island as Edward Pierce, a war veteran and private investigator from 1920’s Boston.

The strange death of a woman named Sarah Hawkins is the reason for your visit, an artist who recently moved to the island with her husband and family. Of course, your investigation will lead you to discover that the island itself holds many dark secrets, and that mysterious forces may be at work. You don’t have to do all the work by yourself as you descend into madness though, you can recruit other investigators and send them off to the far corners of the island to crack other cases if you wish.


The promise of open exploration combined with meaningful dialogue options and character development has planted Call of Cthulhu firmly on our radar. And unique sanity and psychosis crisis mechanics are to be implemented too, which have us truly intrigued. It’s a good time to be a videogame-loving H.P. Lovecraft fan it would seem.

If you want more information on Call of Cthulhu, you can check out the game’s official website. Before you do that, however, we recommend that you check out its new E3 trailer below.