Check Out ‘Reaching For Petals’, a Gorgeous Story-Driven Adventure

Thanks to the likes of FirewatchEverybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Dear Esther, the story-driven adventure genre – or walking simulator, if you prefer – is more prevalent than ever.

I certainly don’t mind though; some of my favourite games of recent years fall neatly into this genre. Video games in the 21st century transcend mindless running and gunning, and thanks to ever-evolving technology, a game can tell a much more intricate tale, being more like an interactive movie than anything else.

The latest game to enter this space is Reaching For Petals, which has today been announced from developer Blue Entropy Studios. Reaching For Petals is described as “a poetic adventure about love, loss and ambition, set in a desolated world full of mystery”.

The game follows one protagonist on a journey, with each chapter revisiting a different memory of their life. Each memory comes together to reveal a bigger picture, explaining why we’re taking the journey. If you’re a fan of the likes of Dear Esther and Gone Home, then Reaching For Petals should definitely be on your radar.

The official reveal trailer is below, showing just what a gorgeous world Reaching For Petals is set in. It’s due to release later this summer on Steam. We’ll have more on the game closer to its release.