Conan Exiles is Coming to Xbox One on 16th August

Conan Exiles, the game that released on PC back in January known for its excessive amount of dong, is getting an Xbox One release.

Yes! Xbox One owners can revel in donglage too, from 16th August. Rejoice!

The game will be releasing into the Xbox One preview program on the same day that the PC version will be getting a free expansion. The expansion, also launching on the Xbox One version, features a brand new Highlands area, introducing brand new snowy areas. Check out the teaser trailer for that below:

Developer Funcom says that the new expansion expands the universe of Conan Exiles by roughly 50% – so it’s a pretty big addition to the game. It’ll also add new enemy and monster types, brand new buildings and new game features. If you’ve played Conan at launch, it may be worth jumping back in on 16th August to check out the wealth of new content.

Conan Exiles remains in Early Access, and Funcom gives no indication of when the game might be out in ‘full’. Its committed to working on the title though, and has announced that an Xbox One X patch will be coming to the game at the later date, adding 4K resolution to take advantage of the additional power that Microsoft’s upcoming console offers.

If you want to know more about Conan Exiles, you can check out Jamie’s preview of the PC version below. More information about the upcoming expansion can be found on the game’s official website.