Here’s Everything You Missed at Devolver Digital’s E3 2017 Show

Devolver Digital develops so many unique, fun, and interesting games. Last night, it showed off two new projects in between the fever dream it broadcast.

“Did that just happen?”, was the question I was repeatedly asking myself while watching Devolver Digital last night. Granted, the ‘true’ conference was only about twenty minutes long, its “Pre-Pre Show” went for hours. The conference (all pre-recorded) was a brilliant, and hilarious, satirical knock at press conferences as a whole in the entertainment world. Showing over-enthused presenters and audience members, new ideas to close the gap between developer and gamer, etc. It was insane. A lady’s head exploded and a guy’s arm got chopped off. It was pretty serious. But despite all that, Devolver Digital dig manage to actually reveal some things.


We didn’t get much information on Ruiner from the conference, but damn it had that style you expect from Devolver. It looked like it had a cyberpunk influence, sleek/smooth combat, and plenty of action. Hopping over to Steam, you can find a bit more information about the game. It’s set in the “cyber metropolis” Rengkok in 2091, where you play as a sociopath fighting back against the system to uncover lies and find your kidnapped brother. Seems like they’ll be plenty of skills, weapons, and ways to tackle each fight. There is no set release date, other than 2017, in no firm information on whether it’ll come to consoles. The games website, as well as Devolver’s, suggests PC only, but elsewhere I see Xbox and PS4 release. Either way, Ruiner looks slick, brutal, and fun. Keep an eye on this one later this year.

Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour

Likewise, Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour is heading (it seems) to PC only later this year. It is a top-down, one-to-four player action-adventure game. You’ll have plenty to chose from here, with campaign mode (1-4p), survival (1-12p), versus (2-12), and even full mod support for the game. It looks to be nothing more than your run-of-the-mill top-down shooter, but with a little extra Serious Sam muscle and the Devolver Digital touch. There wasn’t much extended gameplay for this, or Ruiner, so the little tastes we got weren’t anything new or expanded from what we’ve already seen. The Devolver Digital conference was brief, and so were the clips, but at least we have some things on the horizon.

After all that, the “Pre-Pre Show” started and after an hour it quickly spiralled into a dead joke that was dragging on for so long I thought I was hallucinating. They played old games, Hotline Miami mods, and talked about indie movies (Devlover Digital publishes movies, too). I didn’t expect much from this conference, but I was hoping for a little more. At least I’ll remember it, because it was weird, funny, shocking, and satirical all at once. It should be noted, however, that just like with Hotline Miami and such, Devolver Digital is publishing these games, not developing. Hopefully their helpful, guiding hand will bring Ruiner and Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour the same magical touch it has brought everything else they’ve published.

If we missed anything from that absurd fever dream we got last night, let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for these titles later this year.

You can watch the whole crazy thing below: