Donate to a Good Cause and Get an Amusing Game Plus More With

Cyber Chicken

We all love a good bargain, don’t we?

You know what else we like? Helping those in need. So why not combine the two by heading on over to right now and buying their UK Solidarity bundle.

Working in conjunction with the British Red Cross, Groupees’ UK Solidarity bundle includes Cyber Chicken, an hilarious side-scrolling action game in which you take control of an 8 foot tall cybernetic chicken that sounds a hell of a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Dark Mists graphic novel in PDF format, four music albums, and plenty of other goodies. How much you pay for it all is up to you, as long as it’s $2 or more.

100% of the proceeds will go to the UK Solidarity Fund, which has been set up to help those who have been affected by the recent terror attacks in the UK, so dig deep if you can afford it and get some nice swag in the process. Honestly, Cyber Chicken is a pretty good game, and the Chipped of the Necrodancer album that’s included is absolutely banging, so to speak.