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Dynasty Warriors 9 Details Revealed Alongside a New Trailer

Dynasty Warriors 9

For some reason we never get tired of the Dynasty Warrior games, even though they never change that much.

Dynasty Warriors 9 however, looks like it may be a true step forward for the series, if only for the fact that it’s going open-world. And to make the most of players’ new-found freedom, Koei Tecmo has today announced the Interactive Action system which allows them to make use of their surroundings like never before. You can apparently climb buildings and mountains, wield grappling hooks to traverse walls, and make use of objects like oil barrels in battle to decimate the surrounding enemies. It all sounds good to me.

Combat is set to be revitalised too, with what Koei Tecmo are calling the State Combo system. Three attack styles will now be available, each serving a particular purpose. Trigger Attacks are those used to start a combo, which is then continued with Flow Attacks that are said to adapt to the enemy’s state. If your combo is successful, you can then end it with a devastating Finish Attack that obliterates any foes in its path. It perhaps doesn’t sound revolutionary, but I am intrigued to found out how it affects the series’ iconic hack and slash gameplay.

Dynasty Warriors 9 doesn’t yet have a release date, but it’s likely to be sometime next year over here in the west. Until then, we’ll have to just dream about running free throughout Keoi Tecmo’s depiction of China, slaughtering hundreds and thousand of soldiers as we go. Well, that, and you can also watch the gameplay trailer below as many times as you’d like. Enjoy!

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