EA’s Restructure of International Marketing and PR Means Job Losses


EA is making some changes to the way it handles international marketing and PR, and as a result, job losses are inevitable.

Gamesindustry.biz reports that EA will bolster its Geneva HQ, creating an international marketing hub that will operate from there. How this will affect EA’s marketing efforts is unclear, but operating out of one location means it is likely to be more homogenised and bereft of any local flavour. In any case, the job losses that are expected at local territory offices are unfortunate, and are set to go ahead by the end of the year.

After witnessing EA’s E3 press conference, it wouldn’t surprise me if EA were to focus more on YouTube, Twitch and eSports personalities when it comes to marketing moving ahead, but I guess I should stop looking into my crystal ball and see how things actually play out.