Free Game Friday: is Slither Meets Fidget Spinner

Even if you’ve not got a fidget spinner, you’ve surely seen them; the three-pronged spinners that even adults can’t take out of their hands for whatever reason.

It’s the Tamagotchi of 2017 – the must-have completely pointless item that’s somehow taken the world by storm. So naturally, fidget spinner-themed video games are starting to come up left, right and centre.

One of the newest to spring to popularity this week is The .io suffix may sound familiar, and if you’ve ever played or, then you’ll instantly know what is. Except this time, instead of being a blob or a snake, you’re a fidget spinner. And instead of having to grow as big as you can, the aim of the game in Spinz is to, well, spin. You’ll gain RPM as you play, and the faster you spin, the better you’re doing.

Just like Agar and Slither, is a browser-based game populated with other players, all out with the aim to destroy you. Anyone spinning faster than you – which, when you first start, is everybody, will destroy you if they come into contact. And at the moment, the game’s so popular that several times I’ve died the moment I’ve clicked to start, thanks to spawning right on a current player.

If you want to pass a few minutes, is a pretty addictive little timesink – and thanks to being in your browser, you can load it up at any time, anywhere. If you’ve given it a go, let us know your high scores in the comments!

Click here to play for free!