So, the news has broke that those buying fancy new Xbox One X consoles later this year may have to download 4K texture packs.

Surely that’s a good thing, right? It means that standard Xbox One owners don’t have to waste storage space with assets they’re never going to use. Well, surprise, surprise, according to the internet, it’s just wrong, Microsoft is a bastard, and the world’s going to end. Okay, so perhaps I’m making the last one up, but you get the point.

At this point, the mid-generation console refresh seems to be more hassle than it’s worth for platform holders. Developers obviously can’t be arsed to make the best use of them, and consumers seemingly just get annoyed at the mere mention of them doing, or not doing, anything differently.

I mean, come on, what’s the point of a machine being able to output 4K without 4K textures? And did gamers really think that it somehow wouldn’t require more storage space? More importantly, did they really expect them to fit on a disc, and for everyone to have to install them whether or not they owned an Xbox One X? Gamers, use some common sense, please.

Forums are awash with posters complaining about downloads and data caps, but who the fuck these days has limited broadband bandwidth, especially if you’re a gamer? Trust me, if you do, the Xbox One X is not targeted at you. Gaming now requires the internet, and decent internet at that. Live with it. Whether you’re playing on a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch, the internet is pretty much a necessity. Stop acting like having to download some assets to make games look nicer – something that we’re all asking for, pretty much all the chuffing time – is a hardship. It really isn’t.

And then there are those specifically groaning about Forza 7 requiring a 100gb download. My heart well and truly bleeds. Let’s face it, on a standard Xbox One it’s likely to take up 50gb or more anyway. ‘But it’s going to use up a great deal of the Xbox One X’s 1tb drive!’, they complain. For the love of god – just do what everyone else does: plug in an external hard drive and forget about it.

The truth is, most casual gamers will probably never fill a 1tb hard drive, or at least not often enough to make it an issue. Making a higher capacity hard drive the standard would just increase the price of an Xbox One X unit unnecessarily. Plus, going by past experiences, the price of a 2tb portable external hard drive would probably be cheaper than the jump from a 1tb Xbox One X model to a 2tb anyway.

I bought a 4tb external hard drive for less than £100, which fits my entire library on. I don’t even need the internal storage space at all, and it means I can easily move my games to another console without having to painstakingly re-download everything.

So, gamers who want to live on the cutting edge of technology, stop getting your panties in a twist and just jump onboard. If you want breathtaking 4K experiences you need better assets, and better assets take up more space. They’re certainly not going to fit on a game’s disc in most cases, and the sooner you accept that, the better.

  • Scott Lee Clayton

    A lot of gamers are fucking stupid…. wow.

  • Soda Popinski

    Makes perfect sense to me. Put the main assets required for original XB1 systems on disc so all games play in both systems no prob, then leave the 4K assets required for XB1X as specified download for XB1X systems ONLY.

    • DavidStrife7

      At the risk of sounding a bit of a jerk, I think the people who have the money to afford the Xbox One X in the first place (as well as a 4K TV), are going to be people who live in sub-urban/urban/metro areas with good internet infrastructure.

      By logic, the majority of people earning that kind of money, are in good jobs that would most likely lie in these sorts of areas, so internet capabilities wouldn’t be a problem on both their budget, and social environment.

      Even if they’ve got a good paying job in a rural-type setting with bad internet, I don’t think there’s anything stopping them from playing the base game in 4K anyway? Just that they don’t have access to the optional (if the updates ARE optional) graphical DLC packs?

      • J.j. Barrington

        I don’t think that’s how logic works. As in: having enough money to buy a 4K TV and console isn’t followed by you living in an area with unlimited and uncapped internet service.

        Yeah… logic doesn’t actually play into that, at all.

        • DavidStrife7

          It does when you’re a company like Microsoft, making business decisions that go into massive scales of money. You’re not going to invest that money in a 4K premium/luxury console, that caters to the lowest common denominator.

          There’s going to be less sales lost to people who have the money for this premium/luxury hardware but live in a rural area or area with bad internet, than they will lose if they try to keep everyone happy. Also the downloads are optional, so if you have the money but not the internet, then don’t download the 4K update. Play it Vanilla in a higher resolution or supersampled onto a 1080p display.

          Can’t afford/have the internet or the setup? Microsoft pulls back a curtain that shows a spotlight shining down on the original Xbox One sitting on a revolving pedestal; fanfare plays in the background. You’re not required to own an Xbox One X, to enjoy the games they have to offer, and you aren’t required to have a 4K TV and download the 4K content to enjoy them on an Xbox One X.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Well, first off, weren’t we talking about consumers and not Microsoft? That’s right, we were. Meaning Microsoft’s business logic isn’t at play here.

            That sure sounds like “Don’t have internet? We have a console called the 360 for you.” It’s as stupid then as it was now.

            No one was arguing about entitlement or anything like that. That said, things like this only serve to enhance the idea that the target market for this console is exceedingly small. You can feel like one of the elite all you want, but Microsoft is stupid to NOT try and get as much of the “least common denominator” onboard as possible, since the people they’d sell to are otherwise so small in number.

          • DavidStrife7

            Pleasure discussing things with you once more 🙂

          • J.j. Barrington

            If that’s what you call evading saying anything relevant, sure.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Why not have those assets on a separate disc? Then no need to download.

      • Soda Popinski

        Well there’s an even BETTER idea!!

        • J.j. Barrington

          At this point, a Blu Ray disc doesn’t cost that much, so it wouldn’t eat into costs much, if at all.

  • ruefrak

    People say they want 4K, but those assets come with a price. We’ve seen it from the jump from XB360 to XB1. Higher resolution graphics require a lot more space.

    • DavidStrife7

      Yeah. Some of my diffuse/albedo maps on my models exponentially go up in file size when you start attaching 4K textures onto them.

      If we start using TIFF uncompressed images or DXT for textures instead of using things like PNG, then at 4096×4096 you’re talking about some hefty image sizes. I’ve had texture be 50mb in TIFF format. Depending on what format the developers use, the size won’t be that much lower unless you want to introduce serious compression artefacts or colour banding.

      • ruefrak

        And even outside of the size of the assets, other things have increased in size. Save files on my PS3 are in kb’s while they’re several mb’s on the ps4. That one I don’t get.

        But I think you’re right. The leap over 1440p was a bit quick and I think this rush to be the “most powerful console ever” has skewed some rationale thinking.

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    As a PS4 Pro owner, no shit your going to have to download a patch for higher textures and such. That being said I’ve heard absolutely no one complain about it other than this “article”on line. Non issue Rich.

  • Dameon Percival

    I swear gamers complain about everything, and BS articles like this only help to spark that petty behavior

  • Barry Harden

    “did they really expect them to fit on a disc”?? Why not? Doesn’t the next XBone X come with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive?? This format supports up to 100GB on each disc.

    If gamers are not willing to spare the disk space maybe Checkerbording 4k really is the nice alternative to massive native 4K.

    • Japanese AV Idols

      Older Xbox One consoles don’t have Ultra HD Blu-ray drives, so releasing games on that format doesn’t make them backwards compatible with the older technology. Making 2 different version only costs money and creates confusion among potential buyers. So it’s unlikely we’ll ever see games on Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, it’s simply there for watching 4K movies.

      • DavidStrife7

        I suppose Xbox One X exclusive games could release on UHD Blu Ray only, but they’ve already said that there won’t be any Xbox One X exclusives right? They’re taking the same approach as Sony, in that you can upgrade the game for the Pro hardware, but not be exclusive and deny the lower-end users?

        • Barry Harden

          So why bother paying $500 for an XBone X that can only do upscaled 4K?

          • DavidStrife7

            I think these Pro/X models are a waste. We’d be much better off having a new console in 2018. The race for 4k is silly, and is just another version of the Kinect/Move fiasco we had. Someone starts off on some fad, and the other follows to compete.

            I’m not saying 4k is a fad, it’s obviously an upgrade we’ll all be making eventually, I just think it’s too early. Bluray movies started going UHD, and now there’s a gold rush for 4k gaming all of a sudden.

            Realistically, 4k gaming is another year or two off for the average gamer. You can natively game at 4k like I mention in my 4k PC build article, but only if you turn graphics down to medium, and make concessions in other ways. For the average person buying a gtx1060 or rx480, 1440p is the comfortable spot for max graphics and high framerates above 60. I think we should all be pushing for 1440p, and not 4k. Not until the graphics hardware catches up in a year or two.

            Now if you want 4k in a PS5 in 2018? That’s a different story.
            I think doing what the PS3/Xbox360 did is the smart choice here, output dashboards and movies in 1080p, but run games in 720p and upscale. Some games natively did 1080p, and most ran at 720p and upscaled. I think the same should be true of the next console generation. Run games natively at 1080p/1440p and upscale/checkerboard to 4k, and less demanding titles can choose to run at native 4k if they want.

  • Demetre M

    What a pile of trash and written by trash

    • Xpower1spikeX

      why trash, it’s a valid point. If you don’t understand just how much space 4k texture will cost your storage and think engineers can do something about it your an idiot. Sorry but that’s just what you are.

      • J.j. Barrington

        It’s trash because it assumes something that’s pretty much the opposite of reality: that most gamers- or people at all, for that matter- have adequate, unlimited/uncapped data for their internet.

        • Xpower1spikeX

          If your playing console with a gimped internet you sholdn’t be playing games at all. I have a simple DSL(FTTN) and have no issues download large textures. So that’s a you problem, the real issue here is storage not connection.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Yeah, but no. The vast majority of the world doesn’t have sufficient internet speeds. Your personal conditions are irrelevant in the face of that fact.

          • Xpower1spikeX

            Who cares, everyone competes for American capital. Especially when high internet speeds are a must. Are you still stuck in 2005?

          • J.j. Barrington

            What does that have to do with anything? Competing for American capital? How is that at all related to internet speeds?

    • Joshua Rizk

      That comment was worse than trash. Literally has it written twice 😉

  • Japanese AV Idols

    FACT… I live in an area where there is no cable, no DSL, and no plans to add either. My only option for internet is 56k dialup, or satellite internet with a 15GB monthly cap.

    FACT… Everyone living in a 250 mile radius of my house is in the same position as me.

    FACT… I live in the Northeast, 3 hours from Philly, 2 1/2 from Baltimore, 5 from Pittsburgh, 4 from NYC… It’s hardly rural and a pretty sizable population.

    FACT… There are more people in America living with shitty data capped internet than there are people with decent unlimited internet.

    FACT… America is not GREAT, and all our services are years behind in technology compared to our European counterparts.

    • Forza Martini

      That does seem like a barrier I admit, not to brag but in the Netherlands you’d be hard pressed to find a house without an optical fibre internet connection. But Xbox can’t limit their progress because your regions internet is slow either.

      • Japanese AV Idols

        But the thing is a vast MAJORITY of American’s are in the same position as me. Any landline based internet service provider is limited by the time, money, and resources it takes to build a wired internet structure, while satellites can simply be purchased and installed anywhere in a few hours. In America cable/dsl/fios doesn’t extend far beyond cities or major suburbs. Satellites have already taken over as the primary (and only) source of tv and internet in smaller towns and rural areas. Cable based companies don’t even want to bother running their services to these areas because 100% of the people are already using contract based satellite services.

        HUGE multi GB downloads is basically like Microsoft saying “we’re only going to market games to 40% of the US gaming market.”

        • Ryanjay

          Japanese AV Idols, I know how it feels to have shiity internet. It was only recently my area finally got highspeed DSL. It’s slow (only 60mbps) compared to most internet services in big cities, but compared to 56k it’s a hell of a lot faster.

          I’d blame it more on the internet companies that run a monopoly on the internet. They won’t let smaller companies use their lines or would charge an outrageous fee for them to so it wouldn’t be possible. Google is slowly improving the internet in america, but it’s gonna be a few decades at the most until it gets better.

          Comcast wanted 7 grand to dig an internet line to my house and their line was only 200 feet away. That should tell you how greedy internet companies can be.

        • JohnCReally

          I don’t think the majority of Americans are in your position at all. Have you conducted a survey and seen that almost all 300+ million Americans have shitty internet & data caps? I live in one of the trashiest poorest parts of Florida, and I get about 11 megabytes download speed (not megabits), and 15 megabytes upload speed, and have fiber optic. And your bit about only marketing to 40% of America doesn’t make sense, I think the part you’re not understanding is that Microsoft said that the Xbox One X is for the hardcore Xbox fan that buys the majority of games each year, and really puts time into their console. Someone who wants to not wait for 4K, but wants to have the latest and greatest console now, like the people who have to get every new revision of the iPhone when it comes out.

          They also said that they plan on the One S being their best selling console, and don’t plan on the One X being the number one console for them, Much like how Sony’s best selling system isn’t the PS4 Pro, but rather the standard PS4. From what you’ve said and sound like, you’re not the target audience for the One X, so there really is no reason for you to complain.

  • DavidStrife7

    I still can’t understand why these games are so big. 100gb?

    A lot of PC games with 4k textures average around 50gb-70gb.

    Before anyone thinks about pointing out the fact that the Xbox One games mentioned are huge and open world, that doesn’t affect install/disc size. It’s the same variety and number of assets, they’re just repeated/cached more to create the illusion of scale and complexity. It doesn’t matter if a road has 3 traffic lights or 100 setup, they all reference one blueprint which takes up a small amount of space in an office, regardless of how many are produced. The size of an asset is constant for that one source mesh, no matter how many times you repeat copies of it in-game.

    I’m failing to see where the huge file sizes are coming from :S
    It might be marketing hype to get people excited “It’s 100gb, it must look amazing!”.

    We’re reverting back to the gaming political landscape of the PS4/Xbox One official reveals, where they were going to be download-only systems. We had that argument/discussion back then, we’re just reverting to it once more, and recycling old discussions.

    Am I correct in saying that the Xbox One X enhancements are optional? I think you’re still able to play the Xbox One version at a higher resolution, and opt to not downloading extra graphical/texture DLC?

  • Joshua Rizk

    I have a 1TB PS4 and ive filled it 8 times with different games. HDD space will always be a concern

    • DavidStrife7

      I found that my PS4 at launch (500gb) didn’t last very long space wise. Once I’d built up a library of about 8 games, I had to start deleting PSN titles and watching what DLC I began installing.

      I remember the good old days of the original Xbox, its hard drive felt endless. I would install DLC and tons of other stuff for the 3 years I owned that console. Must have gone through at least 50 games and never once did it become full.

      But yeah like you said, just recycle old games you don’t play anymore, and free up the space. Simple. There’s plenty of 2.5″ SATA drives with on-board flash memory to swap in anyway. Though the Xbox One X hard drive is 7200rpm, having a 2TB 5400rpm is fine once the flash storage takes commonly-used files and brings them back up to SSD speeds.

  • Hvd

    the already do on pc .not every game comes with 4k textures.its to early for 4k gaming 80% of pc gamers are still at rather get a xbox one s and have all mu games uoscaled to 4k instead of downloading textures.

    • DavidStrife7

      Yeah, the statistics show that most people are still on 1080p, with a fair chunk of those people are using it still for 720p-like resolutions:

      There’s other sources to draw from that confirm this sort of trend, but generally most people are happy at 1080p with some Anti-Aliasing if they want smoother visuals.

      As I said in another comment, only those with better paying jobs outside of rural areas will be able or even want to purchase high-end tech toys like 4k and a 4k capable system, which means you’re bound to be in the type of area with good internet infrastructure as a result.

      • Hvd

        yep thats why id rather have a cheap xbox one s and have all my games up scale to 4k.