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Gat’s Alive? Saints Row’s Johnny Gat comes to Agents of Mayhem as Pre-Order DLC

In a welcome but not entirely surprising move, Volition has announced that fan-favourite Johnny Gat will be a playable character in Agents of Mayhem, provided you’ve pre-ordered the game.

While not technically a Saints Row game, super-powered open-worlder Agents of Mayhem nevertheless has ties to the series. One of the endings of Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell, the last Saints Row game to date, had former gangbanger and cat saviour Johnny Gat rebooting the universe, becoming a police officer in the process.

Set in this same universe, Agents of Mayhem tasks you with taking down a range of nefarious super-powered foes while in possession of your own special abilities; think Crackdown, but with the lunacy dialled up to 11. It’s not clear if, as Gat, you’ll be participating in the main storyline, or whether the character will only be available for free-roaming play.

Volition and publishers Deep Silver have put out a trailer to herald Gat’s appearance in their forthcoming title, the trailer adapting the theme from shlocky eighties movie Flash Gordon. Though, somewhat disappointingly, Brian Blessed will not be appearing in the game. Pre-ordering the game will let you to get your hands on Johnny Gat who will again be voiced by actor Daniel Dae Kim, though it’s entirely possible that Gat will also be made available for post-release purchase

Agents of Mayhem will hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on August 15th in the US, August 18th elsewhere. You can check out the Gordon-tastic trailer below:

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