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Gorgeous Shmup ‘Drifting Lands’ is Out Today on PC

Out of Early Access and into the wild today is Drifting Lands, a traditional shoot’em up with ARPG-style character progression.

From developer Alkemi, Drifting Lands is a gorgeous game with a surprising amount of depth. Playing like a standard side-scrolling shooter, there’s a lot more than meets the eye in terms of character progression, customisation of your ship and upgrades thanks to the RPG elements that have been cleverly tacked onto the game.

There’s plenty of content in there, with an apparent 100 levels of difficulty (!). There are different classes of ship to choose between, 70 different skills to unlock and various collectibles and modifiers to pick up along the way.

It’s bloody nice to look at too, with a striking crisp and clean art style that’s hard not to love. It’s also got a pretty awesome soundtrack, featuring some great tracks to perfectly complement the imminent chaos on screen.

Check out 12 minutes of gameplay in our video below, where we test run four levels and get to grips with the ship upgrade systems:

If you’re a fan of the classic shmup and like a bit more depth to your games, then Drifting Lands is well worth a look. It’s available now on Steam for £13.99, with an additional 20% off until 19th June.

Check back in a few days when we’ll have more of our thoughts on Drifting Lands to share with you.

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