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Here’s Everything You Missed At The Sony Playstation E3 2017 Briefing

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After such an amazing E3 conference last year from Sony with so many surprise announcements and reveals, this year was always going to be tough for them to beat. As Andy McNamara put it, “Sony has to match up against Sony”.

Even though the impact wasn’t as big as last year, there were still some surprises in store for us. Most importantly however, we got to see really great footage of upcoming games, which is probably more important than watching an endless ream of teasers and trailers devoid of actual gameplay content!

So what did you miss?

Well, the conference opened up with some live oriental-style music, that created the atmosphere and mood in the theatre that would lead to our first game…

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

We got to see Chloe in action, and learn a little bit more about what takes place. The story trailer gave us enough details to whet the appetite, but didn’t give too much away. A memorable villain, and conflict between friends makes for an exciting new adventure in the Uncharted series.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC

Horizon Zero Dawn was released to a positive reception, and gave us a unique and interesting world to explore in a post-apocalyptic future where machine creatures are the dominant force of the planet. Having gathered such a fanbase, it’s no surprise that some DLC was shown for the game, and I have the suspicion that more will follow after.


Days Gone

An interesting take on the zombie game genre, that stands out through its sheer hoards of zombies on screen. The video showcases a lot of gameplay, and gives us an idea of what kind of traps and tools we have at our disposal to deal with not only the zombies, but the not-so-friendly humans too.


Monster Hunter World

One of the surprise announcements at Sony’s E3 conference, Monster Hunter is looking fantastic thanks to a next-gen facelift on the PS4. For a long time, Monster Hunter has been on handheld gaming devices, which has restricted it to an appealing, but very basic art style. Monster Hunter began its life on PlayStation, so it’s nice to see it come back for another title. The environments and monsters look amazing on the PS4!

Shadow of the Colossus Remake

I know what you’re thinking, “Wasn’t there a remake a couple of years ago on the PS3?”. That was a remaster, this is a fully fledged remake! The game has been completely re-done from the ground up, to look like a modern next-gen title on PS4. Watching the tufts of hair on the colossi wave around in the wind and all of the dust and smoke particles emanate from their gigantic footsteps, had everyone staring in awe. Sony seems keen on tugging at our nostalgia with these remakes, and we’re only but too happy to oblige them with applause.

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