Here’s Everything you Missed at Xbox E3 2017 Briefing

Deep Rock Galactic – A brand new game was shown off with a teaser trailer. Deep Rock Galactic looks like a space exploration and battle game that takes you through procedurally-generated space caverns.


State of Decay 2 – Zombies! More zombies! State of Decay 2 looks pretty nice, and it’s coming to Xbox One in spring 2018.

Darwin Project – We apparently don’t have enough survival games at the moment, so here’s another one. Darwin Project looks to be another battle royale-type title, this time with a more cartoony visual. It looks cool, I guess.

Minecraft – Everyone’s favourite block-building game is coming truly cross-platform: no matter what format you’re playing on, you can now play with your friends. There’ll also be a free 4K update for Xbox One X, and something called the ‘Super Duper Graphics Pack’ which makes the game look pretty glorious.

Dragon Ball Fighters Z – It’s Dragon Ball Z fighting action. It’s coming in Early 2018.