Here’s Everything you Missed at Xbox E3 2017 Briefing

Black Desert Online – The PC-only MMO is coming to Xbox One. It looks gorgeous.


The Last Night – In a deluge of trailers where Microsoft barely gave us chance to breathe, a cool cyberpunk-looking adventure was thrown in there. We don’t know a great deal about The Last Night, but it looks cool.

The Artful Escape – We got a quick trailer from Annapurna’s latest game, the Artful Escape. It looks trippy as hell.

Sea of Thieves – We got a good, long look at gameplay from Rare’s upcoming Sea of Thieves. There’s still no release date, but it looks pretty, and for fans of co-op gameplay and pirates, it’s sure to please.

Tacoma – The next game from the creators of Gone Home is coming on August 2nd.