HEVN’s Demo Introduces an Intriguing Sci-Fi Adventure

Coming out in July, HEVN is a sci-fi adventure filled with mystery and intrigue. I got hands-on with the demo for a taste of what’s to come.

HEVN puts you in the shoes of Sebastian Mar, an employee of intergalactic mining company, Nomoni Incorporated. The game picks up just as Sebastian has woken up from being in stasis for several years. He’s hallucinating after a long sleep, and his unfamiliar surroundings leave him – and you, the player – feeling somewhat disoriented. HEVN isn’t a horror, but there’s definitely an unsettling feeling, and something isn’t quite right. You just don’t know what.

Exploration is the name of the game and as you move through clinical corridors and futuristic rooms within HEVN‘s space station-esque setting, more of the narrative will start to make sense as the story slowly constructs around you. There are a lot of items to interact with, documents to read and computer terminals to browse, everything adding extra value and depth, all building a very immersive environment. The first being you meet is a robot who’ll take you through a basic training sequence – narratively, to make sure Sebastian is fit and well after his long slumber, and practically, to familiarise you with the game and its controls and functions.

See me play through the first 15 minutes of HEVN’s demo in the video below:

Despite just waking up though, it’s not long before Sebastian needs to get straight to work: there’s a problem with the power in the station, and it falls on you to try and fix it. HEVN gives you little in the way of guidance; besides your AI buddy who you can speak to whenever you wish, it’s more about exploring and uncovering the story on your own.

Even though I’ve only experienced a little of what HEVN has to offer, I’m intrigued by what the full game has in store. As the first title to come from a small team, it shows a lot of promise. The world is richly crafted and the narrative I’ve experienced so far leaves me wanting more.

We’ll have more on HEVN closer to the game’s release next month. For now, if you want to try it out for yourself, the demo is available for everyone to download, and if you’ve got any interest in sci-fi or story-driven adventures, I’d strongly suggest you give it a try.