Hilarious Indie Game ‘Flix & Chill’ Showed Me How Bad I Am at Dating

I’m a bit of a sucker for a dating simulation game, so when I spotted something called Flix & Chill on Steam, I knew it was something I had to check out.

Developed by Jason Lovett, Flix & Chill is a very simple game with basic graphics and a basic interface. Essentially, there are five individual dating scenarios, and it’s up to you to guide your hapless dater through their date by choosing a number of options.

I’ve only played through a couple of the scenarios so far, but it’s absolutely hilarious. The first scenario, which you can see me play through (twice) in the video below, puts you in control of Jason, who’s invited his Tinder date Marta over to, ahem, watch Netflix and chill. (First rule of internet dating, Jason: don’t invite your date over to your house when you’ve not met them before! Marta could be an axe murderer!)

Marta turns up, and things go fairly smoothly, minus an initial faux pas when Jason’s introductory hug is shunned. Marta’s obviously not very touchy-feely – noted. Time to put a movie on: Jason opts for a romantic comedy to set the mood, and Marta doesn’t complain too much. So far so good. Ten minutes into the film, they decide to start up a conversation, and Jason jumps into the deep end by talking about society. (Jason, start it off casually: ask her about her favourite films and music. Don’t jump into philosophical discussions this early!) Regardless, Marta eats it up. Our Jason could be in with a chance here.

The conversation soon fizzles out, and Jason suggests a game of Truth or Dare. Despite Marta mocking his immaturity, she goes along, and dares him to a ‘sexy dance’. Selecting to release his inner Miley Cyrus with a very striking twerk, Marta is putty in his hands. She thinks he’s hilarious – how could she not resist that? When it’s Marta’s turn, she opts for a ‘truth’, and Jason absolutely blows his luck by asking how she feels about him. Damn, far too soon – Marta completely rejects his move, and they go back to watching their film. Only 20 minutes later, Marta decides she wants to leave. Boo hoo, Jason.

I tried again by learning from my mistakes and trying to impress Marta, but she still left after 30 minutes. This chick is hard work. Jason, you can do better, man.

The second scenario I tried involved a coffee shop date, an old flame and a homeless man. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Flix & Chill has for me; some of the conversation options are comedy gold, and seeing how the dates pan out is completely rewarding. If you have a bit of time in your life for a short but sweet dating simulator – that despite its name isn’t at all seedy – then you’ve got to try out Flix & Chill. Better yet, it’s only 79p/99c on the Steam store. Let’s face it, it’s the cheapest date you’re going to get.