As fantastic as DONTNOD Entertainment’s upcoming Vampyr looks, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I looked through some screens of the game.

Not because it looked bad; far from it. No, it’s because in the background of one of the stills from the game, I noticed a sneaky little acknowledgement of DONTNOD’s last game, Life is Strange.

Can you see it? That dairy… its name sounds familiar.

‘Caulfield Dairy’. It’s named after the protagonist in Life is Strange, timelord teenager Max Caulfield.

I’ve scoured the rest of the press shots we’ve seen so far of Vampyr, but haven’t been able to spot any others just yet. Still, it’s a cool little nod to DONTNOD’s previous work, even though the universes of both games could not be any different to each other.

When we finally get our hands on Vampyr when it releases later this year, I’ll be playing with my beady eyes wide open to see what other little easter eggs might be hidden in there.