The Last 4 Years have been an adventure for Gammon, Chris and Joe.

It is in this time they first met, became friends and most importantly played some kick-ass games. This time spent together will be on hiatus for the next coming months, with David Treharne taking the reins of #Spewpod. But until then, we'll be looking back to the past for this episode of the GameSpew Podcast!

Robert Gammon, Joe Magin and Chris Hunt (The Coconut Threeway) are here to take you through the latest news and reviews from GameSpew. As always, we give you our spin on the latest gaming gossip a and give and in-depth discussion of the latest Top 10.

Gammon, Chris and Joe host the last GameSpew Podcast as you know it, with the typical laughter, nostalgia and tomfoolery you have come to expect over the last 53 episodes. But this week's topic is a celebration of the last four years that generated the podcast into being. We talk about our biggest gaming moments together and the best experiences we have had. Hear about it all on the GameSpew Podcast.

Don't fear though: the podcast will be back with temporary host David Treharne! Having guest hosted in the past, he aims to keep the ship steady for the boys while they are away. Stay tuned, because when we return, there's a catalogue of exciting changes on the horizon.

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