Look How Amazing Anthem’s Facial Animations Are

Announced last night at EA Play, Anthem is a brand new action RPG from Bioware.

Today at Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference, we got a detailed look at gameplay footage, and by george, it looks rather spectacular.

While the scenery is absolutely breathtaking – open vistas, mountain ranges and underwater scenes that put most other open world games to shame – it’s the facial animations that really got me to stop in my tracks. These are the best faces I’ve ever seen in a game. I’m not being hyperbolic. They really look that good. It’s a shame, though, that it seems for most of Anthem, everybody’s beautiful face will be covered up in a big-ass mech suit.


At the beginning of the gameplay segment, we have a first-person conversation with a fellow whose face truly mesmerised me. His animations were incredibly realistic – perhaps unsettlingly so – and his features and skin so lifelike. He could do with using a bit of moisturiser here and there though – looks like sun exposure hasn’t been kind to him.

Just check out the screenshots below:

There’s as yet no release date for Anthem, but you can check out the trailer in our round-up from Microsoft’s conference. No doubt we’ll have more to share on the game in the coming months, but until then I’ll just continue to gawp at those wondrous visuals.