Need for Speed: Payback Revealed

Need for Speed Payback

The Need for Speed franchise has had its ups and downs over the years, but we’re still fairly fond of it.

Take 2015’s reboot for instance, imaginatively titled Need for Speed; it wasn’t anything special, but we played the hell out of it anyway. One thing we did particularly like it was its cheesy story, so we’re glad it looks like the stakes may have been raised in that regards for its upcoming sequel, which has now fully been revealed as Need for Speed: Payback.

Releasing on 10th November, Need for Speed: Payback has you heading into the underworld of Fortune Valley to take down The House – a nefarious cartel the rules the City’s criminals, cops and casinos. But you’re not alone. Brought together by a lust for vengeance, your crew consists of a racer named Tyler, a showman named Mac, and a wheelman named Jess. Taking control of each of them, you’ll have to complete races, missions and challenges if you want to impress the underworld and bring The House down for good.

It would seem that the live action videos of 2015’s Need for Speed are no more unfortunately, with story scenes now being of the in-game engine variety. To be honest though, we’re alright with that if it allows the action to be as high-octane as the trailer below depicts. We’ll definitely be keeping a keen eye on Need for Speed: Payback in the coming months before release. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be one of the good ones.