Nintendo Switch’s Paid Online Service Just Got a Bit Better

We’ve been short on information about how the Switch’s online service would work, but Nintendo has finally revealed a few details – and it sounds better than their original plans.

In the lead up to the Switch’s release, Nintendo announced that online connectivity would be subject to a paid service – not unlike PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold. Details were scarce though – we knew it wouldn’t roll out until later this year, would be necessary to play online in any game, and would give us access to one free “classic” game a month.

Well, that one free game a month has morphed into a free library of classic games, “Netflix style”. “Members will have ongoing access to a library of classic games with added online play,” the official Nintendo website says. Currently titled “Classic Game Selection”, the examples given are Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario and Super Mario Bros. 3.


Oh Nintendo, you had me at Super Mario Bros. 3, arguably the best Mario game in existence.

However, the online pass is now not launching until 2018, which means Switch owners will continue getting free online access until then. Accompanying the service will be an app that can be used as an online lobby and voice chat, a free pre-release version of which will be available to test out later this summer.

And the most important part: pricing. It’ll cost $20/€20 for the year, which isn’t bad considering the price of Xbox and PlayStation’s comparative online services. No UK price has been announced yet, but I’ll take a wild stab in the dark and say it’ll be £20.

I’m just looking forward to being able to have some classic NES action on my Switch. Hopefully news of a Virtual Console won’t be too far behind.

For more information, check out the official Nintendo website.