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The Vagrant is Set to be an Odin Sphere-like Action-RPG for PC

The Vagrant

Developed by O.T.K. Games, The Vagrant is a side-scrolling 2D action-RPG that’s currently in Early Access.

Only three of the planned six chapters are available, so whilst you can’t yet complete the story, you can get a good feel for the gameplay. And up to now, it all seems rather good.

First things first, it looks and plays a lot like Vanillaware’s seminal 2D action-RPG Odin Sphere, which is a PlayStation exclusive title that PC gamers may or may not be familiar with. In any case, take my word for it, Odin Sphere is awesome. The crux of the game then, involves you navigating sprawling scrolling maps, completing quests, progressing the story and gathering loot.

The Vagrant‘s combat is simple but fun. Your basic moveset comprises of light and heavy attacks and is very limited when you begin, but as you progress you unlock new combos which make it more tactical and exciting. You can also make use of a range of skills, of which four can be assigned for quick access. Unfortunately there’s no option to block enemy attacks, so you need to make ample use of the dodge manoeuvre to avoid incoming damage. At the moment, the combat can get a bit scrappy at times – especially when surrounded by a large number of enemies – but hopefully it’ll be refined as development progresses. As usual, boss fights are a highlight, being challenging and epic in scale.

The Vagrant

You gain two currencies throughout your adventures. Money can be spent in shops to buy cooking ingredients, equipment and other useful items such as potions. Mana is also accumulated, which can be used to upgrade your character, Vivian. Stats can be increased and new skills can be unlocked and enhanced. You can also use your mana to enhance weapons and armour, before enchanting them with runes to make them even stronger. The Vagrant looks set to offer you a wealth of character development options, which is very welcome.

With its beautiful hand painted characters and environments, The Vagrant sure is a nice game to look at. Some may object to the design of many of its female characters including Vivian though, who don’t seem to be able to find clothes big enough to contain their boobs. They are admittedly a bit over the top. Still, if you’re not offended by such things your eyes will be pleased with the art you see onscreen and it’s all accompanied by a lovely soundtrack.

Available now for £10.99, O.T.K. Games is aiming for The Vagrant to be finished around October/November this year. I’d say it’s worth a punt if you fancy an Odin Sphere-like action-RPG to play. It may not be finished yet but it’s a hell of a lot a fun to play and also fairly robust, even at this early stage.

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