Top 10 Mobile Games You Need On Your Smartphone

While we don’t often talk about mobile games here at GameSpew, they’re something we all play.

Whether we’re clicking away on something on our phone while we’re sat in front of the TV, or whiling away the minutes of a boring commute, mobile games are there for us. And since most of us have a smartphone in our pocket all day, we all have easy access to them.

But with so many hundreds of thousands of games on the iOS App Store and Google’s Play Store on Android, it can be overwhelming to browse through and find the best games. Never fear, here are ten of our favourite mobile games – all free to download – that really do deserve a bit of screentime on your smartphone.

10. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Alright, so you’ve probably already played Tapped Out at some point. It’s old news, but it’s a game worth revisiting once in a while because EA has been committed to keeping it updated.

Everyone’s favourite cartoonised American family are causing havoc around Springfield, as they always do. If you haven’t played Tapped Out, the premise is that an ‘accident’ at the nuclear power plant means the entirety of the town needs rebuilding. You’ll unlock new buildings and characters as you go, building your own replica of Springfield, complete with all the landmarks and characters you know and love. It still features regular events, the story continues to evolve… and hell, if you haven’t played it in a while, it’s just damn good fun.

9. Coin Dozer: Casino

While the iPhone and Android app stores are awash with slot games from the best mobile casino brands, it’s the gloriously over-the-top free ones I enjoy most. Remember those 2p machines you used to waste your pocket money in on trips to the seaside as a kid? The ones that’d push your coins forward and if you were lucky, you’d even get a prize? Maybe some naff little teddy, or a lollipop – or if you were really lucky, a £5 note wrapped around a wooden block. Well, Coin Dozer is the mobile version of that.

It’s not quite as good as the real thing (obviously), but it does bring back a wave of nostalgia, and loading your virtual coins onto the ‘dozer’ is entertaining enough to waste a few idle minutes.