Top 10 Mobile Games You Need On Your Smartphone

4. Solitairica

Solitairica released last year on Steam and mobile. I sank way too many hours into the PC version of the game, so being able to enjoy the same game on the convenience of my smartphone is music to my ears.

It takes the simple and enjoyable gameplay of Pyramid Solitaire and adds a turn-based monster-fighting twist: after every sequence of cards you play, an enemy will make a move. You’ve got to clear all the cards in your deck before your health reaches zero. It’s not always as easy as it sounds – Solitairica provides a nice bit of challenge, which, for a simple card game, is very welcome.

3. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump has been around almost as long as iPhones have, but there’s a reason it’s still so popular: its simple idea is just so damn addictive. If you’ve never played it, it basically involves getting a little doodle character as far up your screen as possible, jumping from platform to platform and watching out for obstacles along the way.

It’s that popular, there’s even bloody Doodle Jump merchandise. I kinda want that t-shirt.