Top 5 Best CS:GO Crosshair Generators

Despite being almost five years old, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is still as popular as it ever was.

From casual players all the way up to eSports professionals, CS:GO has a following of millions who all revel in its action-packed team-oriented gameplay. A large draw of the game for a lot of players, though, is the customisation that it allows for. From weapon and glove skins to custom music, there are a tonne of ways that a player can tailor their CS:GO experience to best suit them.

One of those ways is by creating a custom crosshair. If you have a little know-how, you can simply create your own by modifying the correct bit of code in your installation files. However, for those of us less tech-savvy, the thought of messing around with code can seem a bit daunting. Thankfully, there are hundreds sites online that will generate a custom CS:GO crosshair for you by selecting from a few simple options.


With so many to choose from, we’ve selected the top five CS:GO crosshair generators that are all completely free to use.

5. Crosshair editor at Fluxarray

Fluxarray’s crosshair editor has a simple and clean layout, with sliders to choose the size and thickness of your crosshair. However, colours are chosen by using sliders for red, green and blue, which can make it a bit fiddly to choose the exact colour you want. It does allow for RGB values to be entered though, so if you know what colour you’d like, you can enter it that way.

4. CS:GO NIP Crosshairs at Ro|Neamtu

Rather than letting you create your own, this is a list of several crosshairs you can choose from, giving you the code to copy for each. If you want something new but can’t be bothered to generate your own from scratch, this is a good option.

3. Crosshair Generator at Operationl2p

Operationl2p’s generator is handy if you want to learn how to edit your crosshair directly, as it tells you the code names for each element you’re changing – i.e. the size is “cl_crosshairsize”. It’s not the most user friendly as a result, but with just one set of eight sliders it’s very quick and easy to use.

2. Crosshair

Letting you choose between default, classic and dynamic, this CS:GO crosshair generator gives you the same options as every other, but it’s a little more complex to use. If you want to customise anything other than the basic colour, you’ll have to choose the ‘classic’ option, and there are a few presets to choose from, but you can’t preview them before selecting them.

1. CS:GO Crosshair Generator at CS:GOPedia

My favourite crosshair generator is CS:GOPedia’s. It allows you to search through popular CS:GO players to find what crosshairs they use, and the tools to create your own are the most convenient out of all the generators I’ve tried. There are a number of presets to choose from, which you can then edit further by altering the size, thickness, outline, gap and colour. It also lets you test out your chosen crosshair in a variety of locations to ensure you’re happy with it.