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Two Wipeout Alternatives Available Right Now

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Before becoming a PlayStation exclusive in 2002, the Wipeout series could be played on a number of formats including the SEGA Saturn and the Nintendo 64.

Since then, if you wanted to play the best anti-gravity racing game available at any particular time, you’d undoubtedly find it on a PlayStation console. Things are changing though, as a couple of serious contenders for the Wipeout throne have arrived, and while they are currently only available on PC, they’re both heading to consoles before the end of the year. And yeah, that includes the Xbox One.

Redout: Enhanced Edition by 34BigThings was released in September last year, and has been continually improved ever since. With a price tag of £26.99, you’ll not be too surprised to hear that it boasts an impressive amount of content including 25 mind-bending tracks and over 100 career events. The visuals are bright and colourful and rather abstract, but the craft you race in go so fast that most of the time they’re just a blur. If you’re brave, you can even play the game in VR. And it’s all backed up by an excellent soundtrack that keeps your foot tapping as you stare slack-jawed at the screen.

Formula Fusion by R8 Games is priced very competitively at £14.99, and was released just at the beginning of this month. It doesn’t have quite as much content as Redout: Enhanced Edition just yet but it’s certainly not lacking, and more is set to arrive as free DLC in the future. VR support is also something that is currently absent but may be added. One thing to note about Formula Fusion is that it is visually very close to Wipeout‘s original vision. The environments have a run down, desolate feel, and the collaboration with Designers Republic, who worked on the visuals of the original Wipeout games, means that the craft and general presentation have a very familiar look.

What both games share in common is the need for utmost concentration when playing. Redout: Enhanced Edition and Formula Fusion are both hard. Very hard. You’re likely to bounce around the tracks like a pinball until you’ve truly mastered each games’ controls, and once you move up a speed class you’re likely to find yourself back to square one. It makes them utterly rewarding though – your time and effort spent with each game paying off when you take the action online and fend off human competition like a pro.

If you’re a PC gamer who’s a fan of the Wipeout series, it’s certainly worth checking Redout: Enhanced Edition and Formula Fusion out. Console owners, on the other hand, will have to wait until later in the year to get their hands on them. They’re both definitely worth the wait though.

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