10 Reasons Why You Are an NPC’s Worst Nightmare

5. You are the worst driver

The worst thing about owning a car in Liberty City is not the traffic, but the insurance. “Accidents” and car jackings are so commonplace that many people have to work two jobs just to be able to afford the premiums. But even when you’re not deliberately ruining lives by yanking people out of their cars, you’re still the bane of everyone who lives in Liberty City. You’ve decided that traffic lights aren’t for you and that pedestrian crossings are just as easily dismissed. You charge along the city streets, viewing any negotiable surface as a potential shortcut. You were showing just such disdain for the rules of the road yesterday, when you careened around the corner and slammed into a yellow hatchback.

For you, it was just another obstacle and you drove off, ignorant of the damage you’d caused. But for the owner of that car, it’s was a nightmare she couldn’t afford. A single mother, she’d been working hard to make ends meet and thanks to your negligence, her car was totalled. The insurance payout could, in theory, have been used to buy a small runabout. But she could never afford the hiked insurance premiums and so, had to walk to work. Leaving early meant she gets to spend less time with her daughter but at least she’s wasn’t unemployed. The poor souls who don’t have a job were legally required to walk the streets of the city, never going anywhere, till their feet hurt. No matter how little sleep she gets, it had be better than that. Right?

6. You’re more durable than the Terminator

It’s pretty standard these days that your health recharges. Gone are the days when health packs are de rigeur; now all you to need to is crouch behind cover, wait a minute or two, and you’re good to go. But are NPCs ever afforded that luxury? Not in a million years.

How must it feel to fire bullet after bullet into your enemy, only to have them shrug it off? Then to see a comrade, who you were fighting alongside, fall after being shot only once? How do you even begin to explain that? You, the player, likely end up acquiring legendary status as some kind of bullet-proof bogeyman. Soldiers go into battle, praying that they never meet you on the field; though, given that the game is all about you, the odds aren’t exactly in their favour.