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10 Things I’ve Learned From My 10 Platinum Trophies

About two or three years ago, my best friend introduced me to the importance of trophies.

Before then, I had never really been very interested. Whenever a trophy “plinked” in the corner of my screen, I would feel good about myself, but I never really cared. Fast forward to today, and trophy hunting is such an integral part of the way I play games. So much so that I recently acquired my tenth platinum trophy.

Acquiring platinum trophies is a lot of fun, but it can also be a real commitment. On the way to getting my platinum trophies, I’ve made a few observations about the whole process. Here are some valuable things to take note of whether you’re about to embark on the platinum process for the 20th time or you’re interested in getting started with your first…

1. The first platinum is the sweetest

For those of you who don’t know, a platinum trophy is one you acquire when you’ve obtained every other trophy in a game. Nothing will ever beat that feeling. You’ve maxed out the game, you’ve taken every challenge it could possibly throw at you and you’ve come out on top.

The first taste you get of a platinum trophy is amazing, and it can make you realise why people get seriously hooked on trophy hunting. Now I’m not saying the tenth doesn’t feel good, obtaining platinum trophies always feel great, but it’s like when you first eat your favourite dinner. The 100th time still tastes incredible, but just remember that you can never truly replicate a high.

A different kind of hunt (although the Cabela’s games are popular among trophy hunters too!)

2. Trophy hunting can really take over your gaming life

Like I’ve just said, these things can hook you very easily. Once you get your first, you’re eager to look for more trophy lists you can complete. It definitely changes the way you play games when you start to really care about trophies.

These days, whenever I earn my first trophy in a game, I take a look at the list and see how achievable they are. I check to see if there’s a platinum trophy, how many times I might need to play the game to get it, and most of all I see if there are any missable trophies I need to get by playing a certain way. It might sound like a complete drag to some people, but when trophies hook you, it adds a whole new level of fun to playing games.

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