10 Utterly Ridiculous Games You Can Buy on Steam

6. Brief Karate Foolish

Brief Karate FoolishFed up of female characters in games being the only ones to strip down to their undergarments to wage war against each other? Ladies, this game is for you. Behold, Brief Karate Foolish, a full-motion video game where men wearing naught but underpants fight each other in the street.

Before you rush out to grab it, I’ve not even hold you the best part yet: Brief Karate Foolish is free. Completely free. So nobody has any excuse no to indulge in a little bit of brief-wearing street fighting. For reasons unbeknown to us however, Brief Karate Foolish doesn’t officially support Windows 8 or 10, instead being optimised for Windows 98. Despite only being added to Steam in November 2016. We’re not sure if it’s a joke, or just a really old game. Either way, the Very Positive Steam comments seem pretty happy with it.

5. Bloody Boobs

Bloody BoobsBloody Boobs is the kind of game that leaves no surprises in store. You know what you’re buying into right from the get-go.

You customise your unfortunate female, choosing the important things like her hairstyle, whether or not she dresses like a dominatrix or simply a holiday maker in Ibiza, and of course, more critical to proceedings, her boob size. You’re then dropped in a dank, dark dungeon in which you’ve got to locate and pray at four phallic statues.

Making matters more complicated for you, and also rather absurd, are the many monsters that lurk around every corner muttering the most ridiculous dialogue. Catch their attention and they will doggedly chase you down and indeed make your boobs bloody if given half the chance.

As you can imagine, Bloody Boobs is about as basic as games come, with its only real selling point given away by its title. For less than a couple of pounds however, it offers a limited amount of outlandish grindhouse entertainment.