10 Utterly Ridiculous Games You Can Buy on Steam

4. There’s Poop in My Soup

There's Poop in My SoupBringing you the wide range of games that we do, GameSpew actually reviewed There’s Poop in My Soup back in March 2016, giving it a fairly respectable 6/10. Well, as respectable a score as a game about pooing on people can possibly get, anyway.

Rather than being a full-on scat simulator however, There’s Poop in My Soup is a much more lighthearted affair, taking the art of producing faecal matter and turning it into a hilarious, family-friendly cartoon style adventure. It features a cast of spaghetti-limbed people, all innocently going about their day, totally oblivious to the fact that someone – you – is about to literally crap on their parade.

Look, playing There’s Poop in My Soup is about the only time you’re ever going to be able to lose control of your bowels after the age of two and get rewarded for it. For that reason alone, it’s got to be worth a look, surely?

3. Panty Party

Panty PartyHave you ever daydreamed about being a pair of ladies underpants? Well my friend, those (somewhat sick) dreams are about to come true, thanks to Panty Party. Yup, here’s a game where you play as a pair of anthropomorphic undies, flying around streets, searching for enemy undercrackers and engaging in battle. Frankly, it’s an utterly brilliant concept and I’m struggling to see what more anybody could ever want from a video game right now.

Every pair of panties has its own unique skills, and if you want to be the true Panty Warrior, then it’s up to you to collect them all.

I’m not sure what else I can possibly say to convince you that this is probably the best game ever made, really.