10 Utterly Ridiculous Games You Can Buy on Steam

2. What’s Under Your Blanket!?

What's Under Your BlanketWhat’s Under Your Blanket!? is the game that asks you to ‘fap like a ninja’. No, really. Those words are actually in the ‘help’ section of its sequel, What’s Under Your Blanket 2!?.

Here’s a pair of games about getting your rocks off… with your own hand… under a blanket. You’ve got a limited amount of time to fap away, continually getting walked in on as you stroke the proverbial sausage. Every time you’re disturbed, you’ve got to stop what you’re doing in time so you don’t get caught, and wait for the opportunity to get back to it.

There’s a range of, er, exciting locations to pleasure yourself in, too. The first What’s Under Your Blanket!? starts you off in the safe yet boring location of your bedroom, before introducing you to the likes of a gym, a hospital ward, and even a wrestling ring. Its sequel spices things up even further by taking you to Paris, fancy restaurants and oriental-themed gardens.

If you can’t already tell, What’s Under Your Blanket!? is utterly ridiculous. It’s unfortunately not all that enjoyable as a game, but the sheer depravity of it at least warrants a few laughs of disbelief.

1. Bad Ass Babes

Bad Ass BabesPicture the scene: Aliens have pretty much taken over Earth, killing all men in the process. Meanwhile, all the babes have been snapped up and genetically enhanced to survive a rampant cross species breeding process. The aliens have just made a grave mistake in doing so though, as a number of the genetically enhanced babes have broken free and are now determined to fight back.

A side-scrolling beat’em up á la Streets of Rage with digitised graphics, Bad Ass Babes is perhaps the most ridiculous game we have ever seen. It’s very sexually explicit, with ladies exposing their front bottoms to open up portals to new areas, a merchant that certainly isn’t afraid of showing you her “wares” before you make a purchase, and some special moves that really do need to be seen to be believed. I mean, have you ever seen a character shoot rockets from their bumhole before? Didn’t think so.

Priced at £6.99, Bad Ass Babes is one of those games that’s so bad it’s actually quite good. Prudes certainly won’t take to it, but anyone that’s got an open mind, and I mean very open, will probably just find it absolutely hilarious.