There's less than a week left until Game of Thrones returns to our TV screens!

Are you excited? Of course you're excited. The next series is set to be action-packed, with war raging from every corner of Westeros. Starks versus Lannisters versus Dragons... versus Whitewalkers... versus THE ENTIRE WORLD? We absolutely cannot wait.

While the output of Game of Thrones video games has been rather poor - okay, Telltale's effort was pretty decent, but that 2012 PS3 game wasn't the best - quite a chunk of the cast has featured on your PC or console at some point or another. Some are more well-known or obvious, but we were surprised at some of the entries - and the number of games that seemingly attempted to hire the entire cast (Mass Effect: Andromeda, we're looking at you.)

Let's start with the obvious ones, shall we?

Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister)

It's no secret that everyone's favourite Lannister was originally cast as Ghost in Destiny. But if you picked Destiny up for the first time in the last two years, you'd never know. You see, his lines were re-recorded by none other than Nolan North. Because, you know, he's not got enough video game work these days. Poor Dinklage. For the record, Pete, we think you did a fine job as Ghost.

You can still hear Peter's fine voice acting work in two movie tie-in games: Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic Games from 2012, and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian from 2008.

Sean Bean (Ned Stark)

Being from our 'neck of the woods' as they say around here, we're big Sean Bean fans. Aside from puddings and terriers, he's one of the most famous things to come out of Yorkshire, and despite many massive film and TV roles, he's still found plenty of time for a spot of voice acting in some pretty high profile video games.

For starters, he's the narrator in Civilization VI. He's also the Narrator in Kholat, an atmospheric horror game about the Dylatlov Pass incident. And because he narrates stuff so well, Bean's also the Guide in Papa Sangre II, a mobile horror game that released in 2013.

More impressive is Bean's role as Emperor Martin Septim in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Septim even looks a bit like Sean. If you squint. And turn the brightness of your screen way down. And maybe just close your eyes altogether.

Kit Harington (Jon Snow)

Kit Harington famously starred in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare last year, as Admiral Salen Kotch. Harrington's likeness was also used for the villain, creating a character that looked just too much like the bastard we all know and love to be truly unlikable.

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Aiden Gillen (Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish)

Since a large portion of the game was live action, it was rather hard to miss Aiden Gillen's role in Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break back in April 2016. His likeness in the video game sections was rather uncanny too - although his character, Paul Serene, was missing Littlefinger's famously awful sometimes-Irish-sometimes-not accent.

But what about those less obvious ones? Click through to the next page to see - I guarantee there'll be a few surprises in store...

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