A Bloody Night is One Man’s Labour of Love

For £4/$5 on the Steam store, A Bloody Night might not look like much.

But to one person, it represents three whole years of hard work and dedication. A platformer that harks back to arcade platform games of the 80s and 90s, A Bloody Night is a passion project for Emanuele Leoncilli, who comes from a small village in Italy.

He wanted to create something that appealed to him — a platforming action game with no filler; just non-stop fighting action. If he wanted a game just like that, then Emanuele assumed that surely, other people must want it too. And so, A Bloody Night was born.

Leoncilli spent three years working on the game, with help from several others along the way. The result is a throwback to platform games of days gone by; just with an extra helping of glorious pixelated gore.

Just like he’d intended, Leoncilli’s game is pure action; there’s no problem solving or figuring out where to go or what to do next. A Bloody Night is as simple as moving from left to right, and killing everything that lies in your path.

It isn’t the deepest game, but it does exactly what it set out to do – and watching your pixelated enemies explode into streams of spurting blood is brilliantly satisfying every time. The combat system is simple but responsive enough, with light and heavy attacks to vary your kills. There’s never any ambiguity about how to finish a level — a counter in the top-right hand side of the screen tells you how many enemies remain, and once they’re all dead, it’s level complete.

With 20 levels altogether, A Bloody Night will take you a few hours to complete — providing you’re pretty competent. It’s not the easiest of games, but dying will instantly respawn you at the start of your current level, so there’s no tiresome load screens to slow the experience down.

It’s always a pleasure to see someone’s love-project come to fruition, and it’s even more rewarding when the final product is something so enjoyable. If you know even the slightest thing about making a video game, you’ll know it’s no walk in the park, so for one person to have made a full game single-handedly, it’s always an achievement to be celebrated.

For £4/$5, A Bloody Night is worth your time, even if it’s just to see one man’s vision come to life.

Watch six minutes of A Bloody Night gameplay in the video below:

A Bloody Night is available on PC via Steam or itch.io. To find out more about the game, visit its official website, where Emanuele Leoncilli shares his story.