A Quick Reminder: The Oculus Rift Isn’t Very Friendly for Those With Glasses

I want to like VR, I really do. But it’s hard to when there are so many obstacles to getting fully on board with it.

From nausea to space requirements and restrictive cables, for VR to truly take off it’s going to need to become much more comfortable to both wear and experience. But upon recently buying an Oculus Rift thanks to the Summer of Rift promotion, I encountered a problem I really didn’t expect to have: my glasses.

Now, I’m as blind as a bat. I need to wear my glasses all the time, even when using VR. In the past this hasn’t been an issue. The Oculus DK2 was great with glasses. So was the PSVR. Emphasis on the was however, as now, I’m not quite sure.


You see, the last time I used a DK2 or PSVR I had a different pair of spectacles. I bought a new pair a couple of months ago, and, like any normal person, never considered if they’d be compatible with a VR headset. It’s not something that they remind you about at the opticians – surprise, surprise.

Oculus RiftUnfortunately I wasn’t this overjoyed with my first Oculus Rift experience…

So when my fancy new Oculus Rift turned up a few days ago, I eagerly set it all up and then – wham – disappointment struck. My glasses were just too big to fit into the headset comfortably. It never crossed my mind that my glasses would cause a problem. I mean, I imagine a large proportion of gamers wear glasses these days, surely Oculus would have kept this in mind. Apparently not.

My glasses aren’t even that big. They’re just the trendy sort that any thirty-something would wear these days. I still have my DK2 to hand, and having tried it again it still fits better than the consumer version of the Rift. A bit of research tells me that the Vive also isn’t overly accommodating of glasses, which leaves the PSVR as perhaps the most suitable for the bespectacled gamer.

Lucky for me I still have my old, smaller glasses at hand. So now I have a pair of glasses just for VR gaming. How quaint. Many people may not have a spare pair of glasses at hand if their main pair don’t fit however, so if you’re looking into buying an Oculus Rift, or any other VR headset for that matter, please check to see if your glasses will fit in it first. You’ll only end up disappointed like me if you don’t.