Fate/EXTELLA Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Fate/Extella Header

Following its rather successful launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita earlier this year, Nintendo Switch owners can now indulge themselves with Fate/EXTELLA, an action-heavy title set within the much-loved Fate universe.

Placing you in control of a roster of Servants fighting for possession of a digital realm known as SE.RA.PH, Fate/EXTELLA offers epic battles in a similar vein to Dynasty Warriors, only faster and with a sci-fi setting. While fans of the Fate series will get the most out it, especially considering it features a number of characters that they will undoubtedly already know and love, it’s fairly accessible to newcomers too. Hell, even if you just ignore the convoluted story altogether, there’s probably enough action to keep most gamers happy.


Including over 30 costumes that were previously released as paid DLC, plus an exclusive Unshackled Bride outfit, Fate/EXTELLA will set you back £49.99/$59.99 to buy on the Nintendo eShop. It’s also coming to PC on 25th July.

Check back early next week for our review to see if it’s worth splashing your hard-earned cash on.

You can find out more about Fate/EXTELLA by visiting the game’s website.