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Futuristic Racing Game Lightfield Will Make Your Head Spin

Does racing on a single surface get you down? Do you yearn to race on walls, ceilings, and even through the air? Lightfield may just be the game for you.

Developed by Lost in the Garden, Lightfield is a sci-fi racer which allows you to defy gravity and race through environments in pretty much any way you please. You can seamlessly transition between surfaces as you vie to reach the finish line before the competition, and while it’s bound to have your head spinning, it also looks like a lot of fun. Check out the five minute gameplay video below to see it in action.

Race, exploration and time trial modes are set to be offered, as well as the option of both online and local multiplayer – you don’t have to be the only one left dazed and confused by Lightfield‘s anti-gravity antics. With its abstract visual style and a suitably electronic soundtrack by Viennese musician Zanshin, it’s certainly caught our attention.

You can find out more information about Lightfield on Lost in the Garden’s website.

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