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Got £16,000 to Spare? This Pac-Man Arcade Machine Could be Yours

If you love Pac-Man, and I mean really love Pac-Man, we have found something that may cause some sensation in your nether regions – and it’ll only cost you one penny under £16,000. Bargain!

Available from Costco, the world’s largest Pac-Man arcade machine can be yours. And before I go any further, look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT!

Pac Man Arcade Machine

Featuring a whopping 108″ screen, this Pac-Man arcade machine is sure to make any gamer go weak at the knees, regardless of whether they’re a fan of the yellow spherical drug addict or not. The gameplay has been tampered with to allow for simultaneous two player action too, with “Bragging” screens displayed at the end of each level to show accomplishments such as who ate the most dots, who ate the most ghosts, who popped the most pills, etc. Okay, so I may have just made that last one up, but you get the idea.

If you have £16,000 to spare on such a frivolous novelty – and if you do, can we be your friends? – why not visit the Costco website and place your order now? You could always try to make some money back on the thing by enabling its coin operation function. Just make sure you’ve got enough room for it before you hit that order confirmation button, eh?

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