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Here’s a Great Shard and Perk Farming Spot in Sundered


Sundered is a hard game.

There’s a lot to love about it though, so if the difficulty is putting you off a little, why not tip the odds in your favour by doing a spot of Shard and Perk farming? Sundered is much more manageable when your stats have been developed, and Perks allow you to customise your build to suit your playstyle.

A Steam user by the name of Arusha found a great farming spot that’s not too far from the Sanctuary in which you always begin your adventures. Take a look at the map below to see where it is.

Sundered Map

Simply head to the location on the map, find the Corrupted Treasure that’s protected by a purple haze, and attack it to begin an arena battle. An elite enemy will be spawned, which when killed will release just around 500 Shards and possibly a Perk, and once the arena battle has been completed, hitting the Corrupted Treasure will net you a guaranteed Perk and nearly another 500 Shards. Not bad for a few minutes work. When you’re done, simply return to the Sanctuary from the pause menu and repeat until you’ve filled your boots.

You’ll quite often find one or two normal Corrupted Treasures on this route too, so if you’ve got the Monstrous Lure Perk at your disposal, it may be worth equipping to eke yet more Shards out of each journey. It’s such a short run that you’re not likely to encounter any troublesome hordes along the way.

Happy farming!

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