On this week's GameSpew Podcast, we talk about horror games, and share our scariest moments and titles in the genre.

The discussion was fairly open, and we only really spend a major chunk of that time discussing survival horror vs action horror. Otherwise everything else in the category is fair game, and we use this chance to discuss a wide range of topics about horror games in general.

We try out a new game this week, where we finish the podcast off by describing what our chosen video game character is wearing along with some bodily features, and hopefully everyone else can guess who our character is!

We rip into No Man's Sky, repeat "Pikachu" as an answer a little too much, and generally have fun discussing everything and anything around our news and reviews pieces, as well as covering another Top 10 for the week.

This week's guest list saw a return from Rory and Lewis, with new faces (voices?) being Stu, and GameSpew's very own Becca, who's been looking forward to this topic for a while!

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