The Oculus Rift Becomes More Affordable Than Ever… For a Limited Time

oculus rift

If you’ve been waiting to step into the world of VR but wasn’t so keen on dropping more than £500/$500 to do so – good news – the Oculus Rift plus a pair of touch controllers will set you back just £399.99/$399.99 for a limited time.

In a deal that Oculus is calling “The Summer of Rift”, the price of its first consumer based VR headset has been slashed by up to £200/$200, which was already discounted since its original launch price. It means that finally getting your hands on VR is more affordable than ever, and the deal is made even sweeter when you consider that seven free games are thrown into the mix too; Robo Recall, Dead and Buried, Medium, Dragon Front, Lucky’s Tale, Toy Box and Quill.

Oculus Rift This could be you… for the low price of £399/$399

While the offer is stated to be on for a limited time, no end date has been specified, but if we were you we’d jump on the offer as soon as possible if interested – who knows when it will end. If you’d like to buy one from our favourite retailer, Amazon, here’s a handy link.