With Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy newly released as well the approaching Shadow of the Colossus remake, this week's podcast is all about reboots versus remakes.

With your new temporary host David Treharne at the helm, we'll be talking about boundaries and definitions of what constitutes a game being a remake or a remaster. We also discuss what's important to incorporate in both, and what broader categories extend from those two simple definitions.

The changes Robert Gammon alluded to in last week's podcast are small this week to begin with, we try out a fun and unique little game to wrap up the podcast this week, with more changes and segments planned in the future. We also try to bring in mini-discussions around the news and reviews segments, allowing more discussion to take place outside of the focus of the article.

Obviously, this all increases the podcast's length, so we're aiming to find a sweet spot between giving you more, but without going too long into the 1.5 hour category! We'll be trimming things as we go along and experimenting a bit more so that when Robert Gammon takes back the reigns in the future, he'll consider making his own changes and adopting some of the successes we have in the next month or two.

We'll make more changes as we go along, so stay tuned for what we hope will be an interesting period for the podcast!

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