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Sonic Mania

You Really Should Check Out These Three Tracks From the Sonic Mania OST

Hey, Sonic fans! There’s not long to wait now until we get our hands on some classic 2D Sonic again thanks to Sonic Mania. I’m assuming it’s going to be awesome, because it certainly looks and sounds like it’s going to be.

Need proof? Well you’ve already seen how Sonic Mania looks – just like the old games, and therefore good – but what about how it sounds? Well, thanks to the Sonic The Hedgehog YouTube channel, you can now listen to three songs from the game’s OST, which you should definitely do. Right now.

The first track is the Studiopolis Act 1 theme, which is simply sublime. If you can listen to this without nodding your head or tapping your foot, you truly are dead inside.

Next up is Theme of the Hard-Boiled Heavies. It’s not quite as good as the Studiopolis Act 1 theme, but it still gets you groovin’.

Finally, we have the Special Stage theme, titled Dimension Heist. It certainly sounds very special stage-ish, so it’s all good.

Out on the 15th August, I really am excited for Sonic Mania. Hopefully it’ll live up to expectations and provoke SEGA to release more old-fashioned 2D Sonic titles. In any case, it’s certainly set to give us some more classic Sonic tunes to bop away to.

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